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PRG's studio is equipped with xR technology, which allows virtual simulated environments to be projected onto an LED wall.

Tracking allows the Unreal Engine real-time 3D engine to continuously adapt the image of the simulated environment to the camera's position to control parallax and perspective.

The actors are immersed in the 3D world and can interact more easily with the virtual environment. The technical team controls the live-integration of the physical world with the virtual one. This process greatly simplifies post-production. As with the green screen, most of the work lies in creating the wanted environments in pre-production.

Imagine shooting a movie anywhere in the world, in the comfort of a studio!

Virtual production frees production from the constraints of time and space.

All you need to do is simply scan any location in the world and teleport the entire film crew there! The so much sought-after "magic moment" of filming on location in front of an Egyptian temple with the ideal lighting, becomes possible while maintaining the working comfort of a studio.

There are multiple applications:

Fiction, commercials, music clips, digital events and corporate movies, fashion shows, TV sets.

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3D graphic design in computer graphics:

Using a real-time rendering engine such as Unity, Unreal Engine or Notch, makes the construction of an environment from 3D assets, including the programming of interactions possible.

These assets are created with a 3D creation software according to a specific workflow linked to real-time calculation. It is also possible to use a photogrammetric scan, a technique that consists of taking a multitude of pictures of real objects to recreate a digital copy that is faithful in every detail.

VFX effects can also be created directly in the graphics engine: particles, smoke, explosions.

Pre-recorded content and backplates:

For scenes that require ultra-realistic footage and large crossings, we prefer to pre-record content beforehand, shot in real conditions.

With a special camera rig, a team shoots this on location beforehand and then broadcasts them onto the studio’s LED screen in the background. This process is used, for example, for the "driving scenes" scenes, where the environment moves behind a car installed on the set.

A complete setup with a 150m2 stage and 800m2 LED surface

Le xR studio of PRG has a stage capable of hosting more than 10 contributors.

The backdrop is a curved screen, 5m high, 6m deep and 15m wide.

This projection volume makes it possible to imagine particularly immersive environments, the vision of which can be further extended with the "Set Extension".

Disguise: The most powerful workflow on the market!

PRG's xR studio is equipped with a disguise media server, which allows the set to be extended beyond the LED surface to create discoveries with huge landscapes.

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A complete package, ready to shoot!

PRG's xR studio is fully equipped and ready to host your virtual productions.

  • 15 x 6 meter stage and 400m2 proscenium
  • LED ROE Black Onyx 2 / Brompton
  • Mediaserver “disguise” with Set Extension
  • Unreal, Unity, Notch
  • Augmented Reality
  • Tracked Technocrane
  • Sound, light and video control

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