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PRG offers a variety of studio environments created for pre-recorded and live content for digital events. Our studio environments are built for easy, fast, efficient production at any scale, from a live-streamed corporate presentation to a dynamic music video, a hybrid event or a virtual immersive set. PRG has a number of digital studios set up globally across EMEA and the US. Our Studios are located within PRG’s major facilities or in our partner facilities. All the production services and technologies are immediately available as you need them.

PRG’s global network of certified PRG Alliance partners also offer a digital portfolio with a wide variety of digital services.

Two solutions for any type of digital production

PRG Digital Studios

PRG offers studio environments created for pre-recorded and live content for digital events.

Therefore out Digital Studios offer a studio space equipped with cameras and screens for content capture (prerecord) as well as livestream and broadcast.

The digital scenery brings the location to the studio with widely praised fidelity, instead of transporting cast, crew and gear.

PRG Virtual Production Studio

Virtual Production is a cross section between physical and digital worlds. It enables directors to work on a physical stage but use advanced technology to view and interact with virtual environments

Our PRG Virtual Production Studios support both xR and non-xR shoots. Our xR stage offers a deeply immersive experience for both the viewers and the performers. PRG is a leader in this space, enabling the layering of 3D on real people and object to create the most immersive viewing and performing experiences.

Download our PRG Studios Capabilities Deck (PDF)!

All you need to know about our digital studios and our digital production services.

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PRG has already implemented a large number of virtual productions and digital projects.

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PRG has the world’s largest inventory of production technology. Everything you need is on hand. No time is wasted.

PRG has the great technical expertise and know-how to find the best solution for your needs.


PRG holds 250+ patents and trademarks, many of which have transformed contemporary production practice. These are available at our studios: xR Stage, 35Live!, PRG Ground Control, Mbox Media Server

PRG has the expertise for live streaming events


We are a company defined by people with unmatched expertise and commitment to the success of your project.

Our PRG studios work in compliance with all distance and hygiene guidelines.


We believe that safety comes first and have created production environments responsive to all available guidance and common sense.

PRG has the global presence to be your perfect partner for live streaming events.


PRG's Studios are located across EMEA and the US.





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PRG and MADO XR create virtual production Studio-xR powered by Brompton Technology


Case Studies

We take a custom approach to every project. PRG hosted a wide range of productions already. Check out some of the productions produced in one of our digital studios or virtual production studios.

Live Concerts - Streamed from our PRG Studios

Budweiser Rewind

In this web series, concerts are livestreamed to YouTube with an interactive Zoom component between the artist and select fans.

  • Camera, audio, LED, lighting, video and engineering systems by PRG
  • Social distanced workspaces including artist green room and separate control rooms
  • Black Eyed Peas pictured on the xR Stage at our Studio
PRG supports America's Got Talent at our xR Studio in Los Angeles

America’s Got Talent

The xR workflow at our studio in Los Angeles helped the America’s Got Talent production team create compelling backdrops for their host, Terry Crews

  • Reduced crew and locations
  • Furio track cameras
  • Worked with Fremantle and America’s Got Talent since the show’s first season in 2006
Adnoc Schools online Graduation Ceremony 2020 by PRG

ADNOC class of 2020

ADNOC Schools held their first ever virtual graduation ceremony to honour & celebrate the achievements of the Class of 2020. The hybrid solution incorporated two physical stages in our PRG Studios in UAE & the UK

PRG LIVE Space hosted the CBSO 100th Anniversary Livestream

CBSO centenary birthday celebration

To celebrate its 100th anniversary, the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra (CBSO) played together for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic. The concert was streamed live and free of charge on Youtube and Facebook. The PRG Live Space provided the location for the 75-strong orchestra in consideration of the social distancing guidelines.

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Hardwicke Circus - Woman (live from PRG)

PRG hosted the Hardwicke Circus lockdown concert from our PRG Live Space!

Fortnite Spotlight Series in our PRG xR Studio

Fortnite Spotlight Series

In-game concerts for Fortnite’s Spotlight Series were shot and livestreamed from our studio

  • Full lighting, video, audio, camera, broadcast equipment and crew from PRG
  • Ongoing series with upcoming artists, Anderson .Paak pictured
  • Fans were given an interactive concert viewing experience in Party Royale gaming mode
Livestream in our PRG studio in Brussels

Lombard International Group

Our PRG studio in Brussels realised the 'Wealth Lab' livestream for the Lombard International Group. We were supported by one of our partner venues in Belgium - THE EGG.

Roisin Murphy at PRG’s Live Space

Roisin Murphy live!

An emotional performance from Roisin Murphy at PRG’s Live Space!

For this international livestream PRG provided a full range of services, such as Lighting, Rigging, Media Server (D3) and LED.

At the same time PRG hosted the event at our PRG digital studio in London.

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Prodction of the new movie "The Social Experiment" in our PRG Studio in Hambrug

"The Social Experiment"

For the production of the new movie "The Social Experiment", our PRG studio in Hamburg has been turned into a space scene. In addition to a wide variety of event formats, our studios are also perfect for film productions.

Gamescom ONL in our PRG Studio

Gamescom ONL

The gaming showcase hosted by Geoff Keighley was broadcast completely live from our xR Stage

  • Camera setup: two Sony F55’s on the Furio floor mounted robotic camera system and one Sony F55 on a Jimmy jib
  • Ncam system for real-time rendered 3D content with Unreal Engine
  • Set extensions and CGI elements integrated into the xR workflow

Questions about our Digital Studios?

We are happy to answer any questions you may have about our studios or to provide you with more detailed information about our international services.

Virtual Production Glossary

useful words and phrases

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is where simulated visuals are overlaid onto a live video signal, in front of other scenic elements or actors, sometimes called the “front plate”

Camera tracking

Camera tracking provides real-time positioning data for the camera’s x/y/z orientation in relation to a home position, as well as data for tilt, pan and roll and lens data for focus and zoom. Multiple cameras can be tracked and calibrated at the same time for seamless transitions between shots. PRG´s camera tracking systems: Stype RedSpy, Ncam®, OptiTrack

Digital Studio

Digital Studio refers to a studio space equipped with cameras and screens for content capture (prerecord) or livestream/broadcast


Disguise brings together the graphics content system, camera tracking and LED systems. Handles the blending of real and virtual worlds into a seamless environment via special color calibration software tools. Synchronizes multiple render engines from a single timeline with built in latency compensation.

Virtual Production (Enhanced Environments)

Virtual Production (Enhanced Environments) refers to a green screen alternative for a background, creating a virtual immersive environment via LED or projection, or Car Process where LED screens are precisely positioned around a moving object and synchronized LED content is displayed for for scenic backgrounds and accurate moving reflections on surfaces.

Green screen

Green screen is a drop placed behind a presenter that can be keyed out of a shot to allow a virtual background to be added on the live video feed or in post-production.

Media Servers

Media Servers are used to map video content onto LED displays, playback pre-produced content and to allow users change content with a push of a button.

Mixed Reality

Mixed Reality goes beyond AR by combining virtual objects introduced into the real world in the 3D space, positioning them behind and around the actors

Realtime Generative Content

Realtime Generative Content allows rendering of the virtual environment on-screen from the perspective of the camera, correcting for perspective as the camera moves. Graphics Engines: Unreal, Unity, Notch

Smart Stage

Smart Stage refers to a stage purpose-built for virtual production including LED walls, tracking systems and real-time capabilities

Virtual Lighting

Virtual Lighting refers to the use of an LED screen to light a scene or to act as interactive/reflective lighting, also used to describe virtual lighting fixtures

Virtual Production

Virtual Production is a cross section between physical and digital worlds, lets director work on a physical stage but use advanced technology to view and interact with virtual environments

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is used to create a simulated, immersive 3D experience where the viewer is placed in the the experience, using headsets